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Lady Satsuki (Kill La Kill) by ShisuiUchiha Lady Satsuki (Kill La Kill) :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 4 1 Smoker's Choice by ShisuiUchiha Smoker's Choice :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 1 3 Portrait of a young woman by ShisuiUchiha Portrait of a young woman :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 2 3 Kyoraku Shunsui by ShisuiUchiha Kyoraku Shunsui :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 8 7 The Jester's Play by ShisuiUchiha The Jester's Play :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 4 3 Grell Sutcliff Cosplay by ShisuiUchiha Grell Sutcliff Cosplay :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 2 3
Great King Nothing
I am the great King Nothing
Under my command are demons of all kinds.
Hollow dreams, lost beliefs, shattered hopes and many more
Everyone that slipped the grip of society.
In my dark canyon on a pile of bleak stone
is my throne of rotting flesh and bursted bone.
Screams of agonized souls hall from every wall
and is silenced by the lunatic trembling thoughts, which come from time to time.
Chained and burning I am strapped to this burden,
the void is grasping and longing for my heart.
The twister of mind and reality, the former oathkeeper,
is screaming in pain, for him its just another way and time to die.
As thousand deaths he died coud do no harm,
but left him a bit bitterer and lonelier this one won't make a difference.
No one has ever found his true core.
For someone might understand him in his selfcreated lunacy.
His dead dreams and wishes follow him like a hunger,
they're coming to rip his soul apart.
Far too long he came away
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 2 3
Five senses
Can you hear this?
It's the sound of silent surrender.
A former proud man lost his will to fight.
The wind whistles his last words.
Can you see this?
The ruins that are left when another dream shattered.
To busy collecting the shards than taking to the sky again.
A flag hoisted for him to be left alone.
Can you taste this?
This my friend is the taste of daily defeat.
Everyone got used to it,
one after another is taken down.
Can you smell this?
Rotten and sulphurous, the smell of betrayal.
Everyone drags the bodies to his own basement,
why bother if the one with the daggger in the back was a friend?
Can you feel this?
The earthshaking, breathtaking pressure of failure?
We all fall down, but you fall deeper.
Hit the ground look up and see no sky.
The full defeat of the five senses,
as we are confronted with ourselves.
What are we? Soldiers? Warriors? Criminals?
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 1 14
I feel this empty space here next to me,
left without a word, left me wondering.
Was it something I've said, something I've done?
Why did you abandon me?
It's not a cry, you hear at night.
No tears to see, I thought the bond was strong.
I never imagined to be proved wrong...
So many times we talked, all that time we spent together.
Now you're away, you'd never even mention me.
There's a space in my heart I would never admit.
All the good times, are they just memories of our past?
We stood together in the cold,
We've walked though rain and storms.
All these hours spent talking
when we finally saw the bottom of another bottle.
You were like a brother!
We saw the same sun rising in front of us,
we went along the same roads
together we raised our pints and fists,,
and now I'm supposed to go on without you?
It's not like me to say sorry,
but if I did wrong please forgive me.
Why can't you come back? Why can't you talk to me?
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 2 23
The Mind's Poker
I'm starring at blank pages - snowblind
waiting for my ink-like blood to flow.
Four queens are on my lunatic mind
all are waiting for my morbid show.
My title is the jester - dance at every wedding, walk on every shore.
Lost my mind and my will - what can I lose more?
Take my soul and take  my land,
Take me where I could never stand.
Burn the soil and boil the sea,
but you can't take my dreams from me.
Everything I ever did was not the be a big shot
but tell me, aren't we all just living along the plot?
The queen of clubs is following me.
She always wanted to see in me something I couldn't be.
My masquerade is what she loves, yet not with her heart,
she wants the mask to have something she can be a part.
The queen of diamonds never meant to do me well,
instead an up and down to give me hell.
Foolish I wanted to follow her even in my moments of despair,
these throdowns and times of being overseen took me nowhere.
But the queen of spades reached out her hand
showed me to stand
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 3 5
Mature content
March to battle :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 0 13
Standing unbent
The once unholy land tattered by slaughter and bloodshed
Crowded with restless souls longing for a snese.
These lost ones I shallgather to rise in the name of my queen!
In this twilight of the autumn meadows
My heart plays a celestial symphony
Made of one loved dreams that shattered long ago or finally came true
Through nightmares I fought
Through hells I did travel
As rain begins to fall - as heaven weeps for all fallen angels
We have no mercy to spare
for we weren't spared either
To no one I shall ever bow
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 1 3
Room Meme filled by ShisuiUchiha Room Meme filled :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 0 20 Tattoo'd by ShisuiUchiha Tattoo'd :iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 4 11
The teadrinker
Come have three cups of tea with me.
Let's sit under the star-littered sky,
The cup itself, made of the bones of all the truth-seekers.
The teapot made of dreams and illusions we have.
The first cup of tea - dark and bitter,
the symbol for a failed existence.
As bitter as the taste of the daily defeats and surrenders,
brought by the darkness of my aching heart.
The second cup of tea - full of taste but still not sweet.
The symbol for every time love crucified me.
Bittersweet as every smile I receive from you,
brought by the light of my loving soul.
The third cup of tea - as sweet as it can be.
The symbol for the salvation you gave me.
Sweet as every warm word you said to me,
brought by your caring hands.
Come have three cups of tea with me,
for nothing ever is as it shall be...
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 4 11
For Yeana
I look at this old photograph of us.
It  was the last time I saw your pretty face.

Time Just kept on rolling maybe you forgot my face,
maybe you forgot me - us.
But in your soul there'll always be
a small shard portraying me.
I look at this old photograph of us.
You were the first to really love me.

Now that I sit in my dark room
wearing he scarf you gave to me.
I'm missing your presence, I feel hollow.
Why did you leave?
I look at this old photograph of us.
And still you accompany me in my dreams

Each night that falls makes me feel so empty.
For I have truly lost a part of myself in you.
Never forgot your face, your voice, your smell,
the way I felt when you touched my hand.
I look at this old photograph of us.
When we were too shy to confess.

Rusted from the tears I shed in disbelief,
my heart aches, blackened by sorrow,
hardened by agony and grief,
closed by your last words.
I look at this old photograph of us,
it's black and white and a
:iconshisuiuchiha:ShisuiUchiha 3 10

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Well since I astonishingly f*cked up the last time I tried to be active again,
I recently got out of my slump and decided it would be about time to give it another go.

If anyone is still interested in my work that is...
I hope some of you show up, but I really understand if noone's around anymore since I've been so darn inactive.

Of course I haven't forgotten my arttrades, which will be uploaded in the next couple a days.
It feels good to be back, hope I find my time to go through all the stuff I missed, my inbox is flooding...

Looking forward to it~
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Also takes comissions

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